Private Policy
This privacy concerns an online shop available on the internet domain at the following address:, run by PMMT limited liability company, with registered office in Poznań (60-
175), address: ul. Bratkowa 9/11, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of National Court
Register for Poznań Nowe Miasto I Wilda, VIII Economic Division of the National Court
Register (KRS) under KRS number: 0000605218, NIP (Tax Identification Number):
7792440266 and REGON (National Business Register Number): 363849470, with share capital
of PLN 5000, fully paid (hereinafter referred to as Company).
All terms written with capital letters and not defined otherwise, having the meaning given to
them in the content of the Regulations.
§ 1.
Information controlled by the Company and ways of using it
Information provided by the Client:
1. When registering an account, the Client is asked to provide personal data. The data provided
by the Client may be combined by the Company with other information placed within the
Account in order to enhance the usefulness of service and improve their quality. Clients’
personal data is processed and used for the purposes related to the use of the Shop,
especially to:
a. allow to use the Shop;
b. provide proper service to Clients;
c. research the market and conduct statistical surveys for the needs of the Shop;
d. administer the Shop, improve its functionality and improve the quality of service
e. pass the information related to products offered within the Shop.
2. The Company reserves the right to collect statistical information (“Statistical Information”)
based on the information entered by the Clients. Statistical information may be used by the
Company to perform analyses, reports, statements or other documents. Statistical
information does not allow identification of individual persons or identification of the
operator it refers to.
§ 2.
Server Logs and Activity Protocols
1. After obtaining access to the System, servers automatically register information on the
Client. Server Logs may contain such information as: network requests, type of
interactions with the service, IP address, type of browse, language of browser, date and
time of sending a request and at least one cookie file which allows clear identification
of the browser or the Account.
2. In order to constantly improve the quality of services, optimize the ergonomics of the
Shop and properly select calculation resources to meet the current needs of Clients, to
detect possible activity of Clients which is inconsistent with the Regulations and to
support and optimize distribution, the Shop generates “activity protocols” which can be
accessed only by Shop administrators and Company representatives. These protocols
gather the following information: date and time; IP address of the appliance used by the
Client; type of activity (for example logging in, logging out, generating an offer –
without giving parameters of the search).
3. If an error occurs within the Shop, the technical team is automatically notified of it.
Based on the error information the technical team will be able to reconstruct the activity
of the Client. This is necessary to locate and eliminate the error.
4. In case the Client makes content-based comments using the Info-line, the Shop
administrator will be granted the possibility of recreating the Shop status at the moment
the Client sends the comment.
§ 3.
Data entered into the tele-information system of the Client
1. For the Clients comfort, the Shop uses cookies files and similar technologies, among
others, to tailor its services to the Clients needs (cookies are small text files sent by the
internet services visited by the internet user to the user’s appliance).
2. The shop uses functional cookies, allowing to ‘remember’ the Clients’ settings (for
example remembering the last visited tab, the help window status – open or closed) and
session cookies (they disappear after the session is over).
§ 4.
Communication with Clients
1. The Company may store e-mail messages and other correspondence to the Company,
including that via the Info-line, in order to reply to questions, react to calls and improve
services offered. Apart from the above-mentioned purposes, the Company may use the
gathered information to protect the rights and ownership of the Company and to protect its
Clients. The information obtained from Clients may be used for other purposes than those
given when collecting it only following the Client’s consent.
2. The Company processes personal data on servers in Poland and in other European Union
countries, on condition that when the data is transmitted to a third country, requirements
stipulated in Chapter 7 of the Act of 29th August 1997 on personal data protection must be
§ 5.
Information safety
1. The Company applies security measures in order to protect personal data against
unauthorised access, unauthorised change, disclosure or destruction. The measures include
internal controls of collected data, procedures for storing and processing and safety
measures, including relevant for coding and physical safety resources aimed at protecting
against unauthorised access to systems where personal data is stored.
2. Access to Clients’ personal data is limited and restricted only to Company employees and
representatives, for whom it is necessary in order to process data on behalf of the Company
and to operators who provide technical maintenance of servers on which data is stored.
These persona are obliged to keep confidentiality and if they do not fulfill this requirement,
they may be held liable as far as staff, civil and criminal liability is concerned.
§ 6.
Both the Shop and particular elements made accessible in it, including: photos, graphic work,
written materials, website layout, etc, are protected by relevant provisions of the valid law,
especially provisions of copyright, industrial ownership rights and fighting unfair competition.
Copying, printing, distributing or making accessible the subject contents to any third persons
without obtaining first a clear and written consent of the Company is forbidden.
§ 7.
Changing data
1. The user may at any time update their personal data and other information entered
within the Account by using the option of ending the Account.
2. The lack of updating personal data and other information entered within the Account by
the Client may create some difficulties in using the Shop or even totally prevent the
Client from using some or all of its functionalities.
3. The Client may at any time obtain from the Company the information on the personal
data processed by the Company and use all control authorizations in line with the
commonly valid provisions of law in this scope.
§ 8.
Final provisions
The Company reserves the right to introduce changes to this Privacy Policy.