MS Knives is a notable Lithuanian knifemaker, led by Modestas Skirmantas, who specializes in creating original and handcrafted knife designs. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, MS Knives offers a range of knives made from high-quality materials. The blades of MS Knives are typically crafted from Elmax steel, renowned for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. This ensures that the knives maintain their sharpness and durability even under demanding conditions. The handles of the knives are often made from micarta or "ironwood," providing both aesthetic appeal and a comfortable grip for the user.

When it comes to sheaths, MS Knives utilizes materials like kydex or natural leather, providing reliable and secure storage options for their knives.

MS Knives offers a diverse selection of knives suitable for various outdoor activities, including outdoor adventures, bushcraft, survival, hunting, and more. Modestas Skirmantas, the talented knifemaker behind MS Knives, combines classic shapes with modern elements, resulting in unique and personalized designs for each knife.

Modestas Skirmantas embarked on his knifemaking journey at a young age, beginning with crafting blades for his personal use while pursuing his passion for wood carving. Over time, his focus shifted from working with wood to working with steel, leading to the creation of his own original knife models. Despite pursuing other professional endeavors, such as furniture design and construction work, Modestas Skirmantas always maintained a strong passion for knifemaking.

Driven by his love for the outdoors and his enthusiasm for testing knives and outdoor equipment, Modestas Skirmantas turned his hobby into a profession. What started as designing and crafting knives for personal use soon expanded to serving friends, acquaintances, and eventually a wider audience. Today, as the founder of MS Knives, Modestas Skirmantas continues to handcraft fixed blade knives tailored for survival, bushcraft, everyday use (EDC), and more.

MS Knives represents the creativity and dedication of a young generation of Lithuanian knifemakers, combining traditional and modern elements to create distinctive and functional knives appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and knife collectors alike.

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