Baltic Blades - Paulius Jančiukas! It's the brainchild of talented craftsman hailing from Lithuania. Paulius is an nergetic and innovative creator has been perfecting his offer, surprising us with fresh designs. From kitchen essentials to rugged hunting tools, bushcraft essentials, outdoor gear, and everyday carry companions, he covers it all.

He’s all about pushing boundaries, experimenting with designs, steel finishes, and handle materials. For Paulius, it’s all about functionality over form – as he puts it, “Knives are meant for work, not just for pose.” So, despite the sleek aesthetics, the array of premium steels like Becut, M390, Elmax, AEB-L and more, and the variety of handle materials from stabilized wood to G10 and carbon fiber, what really matters is how well these tools perform. At the end of the day, it’s all about usability.

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