Trollsky Knives – Michael Trollsky is a prominent figure in the world of Polish and global knifemaking. He has been a source of inspiration for many talented craftsmen in Poland and beyond, guiding them to embark on their careers in this industry. With two decades of experience in the realm of knives, he has honed his skills, developed a distinctive style, and willingly shared his knowledge, earning him a distinguished reputation. Having been a participant in the American show “Forged in Fire” in the past, he is currently a regular attendee at the world’s most prestigious knife exhibition, the “Blade Show,” held in Atlanta, USA. His knives are characterized by a highly practical style, vibrant handles, and diverse pins, with the distinctive feature being the logo: a chili pepper etched onto the blades. Predominantly crafting medium-sized knives, Trollsky considers them the most commonly used and versatile, a sentiment that’s hard to dispute. His custom creations are swiftly snapped up by enthusiasts. The desire to make his knives accessible to a wider audience, especially considering the inherently limited quantity of handmade (custom) pieces, led him to initiate the development of a production line. In this project, Trollsky focused on design, entrusting the production to the well-regarded Bestech Knives known for their excellent standards. The results of this cooperation can be found in this section.

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