Sliwkosky Knives – Jakub Śliwka. Jakub’s knives are amazingly usable. His works base on transporting well-known, traditional and popular designs to modern times. Knives prepared personally by the knifemaker, have features that are appreciated by many knifekoholicks. They are sharp, handy, suitable for any type of tasks. Sliwkosky Knives works are valuable for ergonomic shapes and great effectiveness in the field. They are perfect for bushcraft, survival and general outdoor use. In offer knives from modern materials like steels: Elmax, M390, Vanadis 4 Extra, Sleipner, D2, AEB-L etc. Handles are made from: Micarta, G10 composite, stabilized wood, carbon fiber etc. Sheaths depends on the project are being made from Kydex or natural leather.

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