Ostap Hel is a shining star in the world of Polish and global knifemaking, renowned for his dual roles as a visionary creator of unique projects and a sought-after designer for prestigious international knife brands. With a vast portfolio encompassing diverse knife designs and everyday carry (EDC) gear, Ostap Hel’s creations stand out for their meticulous attention to harmony and symmetry, capturing the admiration of the discerning eye.

Juggling dual responsibilities, Ostap Hel brings his expertise to Ostap Hel Knives, where he independently fashions iconic EDC gadgets, and the flagship Mjolnir serves as a testament to his exceptional craftsmanship, truly setting it apart in his repertoire.

Simultaneously, through Ostap Hel Design, he engages in collaborations with esteemed knifemakers, concentrating on design intricacies while entrusting production and distribution to top-tier manufacturers. Noteworthy partners in this collaborative journey include Bestech Knives, Bestechman, Kansept Knives, WE Knives, CIVIVI, Sencut, Xin Cutlery, and Real Steel. Ostap Hel’s influence reaches beyond his individual projects, leaving an enduring mark on the global knifemaking canvas.

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